British MP death: Cameron and Corbyn unite in tributes


London - 17 Jun 2016

David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn have come together in a show of unity to pay their respects to Labour MP Jo Cox.
The British Prime Minister and Labour leader were joined by Commons Speaker John Bercow for a visit to the politician's constituency, a day after the mother of two was killed in a street attack.
Standing alongside the PM, Mr Corbyn said: Mr Corbyn said: "Jo was brutally murdered here 24 hours ago in this town - a town she loved, a town she grew up in, serving a community she loved.
"She was taken from us in an act of hatred, in a vile act that has killed her.
"It's an attack on democracy, what happened yesterday.
"It's the well of hatred that killed her "
With campaigning in the EU referendum suspended, It was also announced that Parliament will be recalled on Monday, so MPs can pay tribute to the 41-year-old.
Mr Cameron said the nation was "rightly shocked" at her death, adding: "Two children have lost their mother, a husband has lost a loving wife and Parliament has lost one of its most passionate and brilliant campaigners."
He added: "If we truly want to honour Jo, then what we should do is recognise that her values - service, community, tolerance - the values she lived by and worked by, those are the values that we need to redouble in our national life in the months and years to come."
The united front comes as Downing Street announced the Conservative Party would not contest the by-election in Batley and Spen resulting from her death.
The MP died after being shot and stabbed outside her constituency advice surgery in Birstall on Thursday.
Her assailant reportedly shouted "Britain first" during the deadly assault.
Following her killing, politicians have been advised to review their security.
The alleged gunman has been named as Tommy Mair, 52, who was described by neighbours as a "loner" who "kept himself to himself".
He was arrested close to the scene of the attack a short time later. Police have also searched his house.