Al-Ahsa attack: security forces capture terrorist and save hundreds of lives


Riyadh - 29 Jan 2016

Saudi Arabia security spotted and prevented two suicide bombers from entering and attacking al-Ridha mosque in Al-Mahasen town in the eastern province of Al-Ahsa , said Mansoor Al-Turki, a security spokesman from the Ministry of Interior.

Al-Turki stated that the two suicide bombers were headed toward the mosque  while worshippers were performing the Friday congregational prayer, but security officials identified the attackers and blocked them from entering.

One of the bombers detonated his bomb and blew himself up at the entrance of the mosque, which resulted in an exchange of fire with the other attacker, who was injured and arrested. Police found him in possession of an explosive belt.

The Ministry of Interior's security spokesman confirmed that the suicide bombing attack killed four and injured 18, including two police officers. The incident is now under immediate investigation.  

Worshippers and citizens played a crucial role in capturing one of the suicide bombers when he tried to hide.  At the time of the incident, the worshippers stopped the attackers by throwing chairs at them, managing to stop their entry into the mosque.