Spokesman of the Coalition Forces provides details of the war in Yemen


Riyadh - ekhbariya.net 31 Jan 2016

The spokesman of the Coalition Forces in support for the legitimacy in Yemen, Brig. Gen. Staff Ahmed bin Hasan Asiri, explained to reporters on Sunday night the regulations and tactics of monitoring and attacking hostile targets in a modern wars.

Asiri spoke at a press conference and addressed in detail the steps required to pinpoint a military target. He stated that, even though targets are located in residential areas or civil facility, they are first evaluated and are only hit if there are no human or material losses incurred on non-military subjects.

He also provided an account of the sources of information about the enemy and their tactics, citing the intelligence, drones, reconnaissance, humans on the ground.

This press conference came following the announcement of the Coalition Command supporting the legitimacy in Yemen. They also formed high-level independent teams in the field of weapons and humanitarian international law to evaluate the military targeting mechanisms and incidents taking place in civil locations.

Asiri said that the impartial committee formed by the Yemeni government to verify all claims has visited the relevant military authorities, including the Command of the Joint Forces and the air forces operations center.

During meetings with senior officers in Yemen, the committee was convinced that the military task they were performing was never done at random or blindly. However, human errors were not ruled out.

He revealed that the committee is currently based in Aden, but having daily contact through an appointed liaison officer with the command and the center.

He added that all accusations and claims reaching the Coalition Command were investigated by the committee and none was neglected.

Asiri stated the hitting of a hospital belonging to doctors without borders organisation, which took place at Haidan province in northern Yemen on October 25, 2015 as follows:

“High-value movable military target was pinpointed by the front observer of the Command with the pilot making the first trial, but when he was about to reach the target, it has changed its location to the vicinity of the hospital, which was invisible for the pilot who, solely, decided at the moment to make his second trial and hit his previous target, demolishing a large part of the hospital.”

The issue was thoroughly discussed between the organization and the Kingdom-based Command.

The two parties reached an understanding of the incidents and how to evade such repetition in the future. Among the points raised in the meetings was establishing a communications line between the two.

Asked about the contents of a UN report on the targets of air operations, Asiri said that he has seen social media on the topic over the last two days, but the Coalition Command has not yet received such report.

In response to a question, he confirmed that a multi-national investigation team was formed by the Coalition Command to verify any serious claim reaching it. He added that the team’s leader and members will be announced soon, and it will start work as soon as possible.

He said the purpose of the team is not just to investigate, but also to be reassured of the accuracy of measures taken by the Coalition Command.

In response to a question on the accurate numbers of human losses on the two sides, Asiri disclosed that a detailed report would be issued soon.

Asiri vowed that the Coalition Command would spare no effort to provide relief and humanitarian assistance for Yemeni people and enhance the work of non-governmental and relief organizations in Yemen.