Yemen: Arab Coalition sends powerful message to other countries to stay out of its affairs


ISTANBUL - 26 Feb 2016

Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister of Yemen, Abdulmalik Al-Mikhlafi has stressed that the Arab military coalition’s intervention in his country to deter coup rebels and restore legitimacy represented a strong message governments not to interfere in Yemen’s internal affairs.

He described the Arab coalition’s position as decisive and strong, expressing his government’s thanks to the countries that stood with Yemen in this historical juncture.

Al-Mikhlafi’s statements came during a speech he delivered in the presence of the Somalia Security and Development Conference, which was held in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Thursday.

Yemen’s Foreign Minister also reiterated his country’s honest and true hope to engage in any valuable meetings and consultations for peace.

Al-Mikhlafi said “Despite the progress and victories on the ground, the Yemeni government expressed and continuously expresses its truly honest desire to engage in any of the meetings and consultations for peace to ensure saving lives, emanating from its responsibilities and obligations towards the Yemeni people.”